Hof8 Klärle in Weikersheim
Reference project

Emission-free electric mobility for Weikersheim

Klärle – Gesellschaft für Landmanagement und Umwelt GmbH is taking another step towards the energy transition. To enable emission-free electromobility for all residents of Weikersheim, Klärle has opted for the INTILION I scalebloc.

Project description

The INTILION I scalebloc commercial storage system serves as a “green piggy bank” for electric mobility in Weikersheim. It stores the energy generated by wind rollers and PV systems and releases it to office buildings, flats and electric charging stations as needed. The challenge here lay primarily in the optimal integration of different generators and the precise estimation of demand, as the wind rollers and charging columns were not yet in operation when the INTILION I sclaebloc was installed.

Through the precise analysis, INTILION has managed to select the energy storage optimally, so that the stored energy is always sufficient from the afternoon until almost the next morning to supply all consumers with energy. Klärle thus achieves very good economic efficiency values, because not only the saving of CO2 is an advantage of energy storage, but also that the self-used electricity is cheaper than purchased electricity.

The “green piggy bank” is therefore a very good example of how self-generated energy can be used decentrally in a multi-use case, because the INTILION | scalebloc enables emission-free electric mobility for all residents of Weikersheim and promotes e-mobility sharing of their own electric vehicles.

INTILION is the only provider that could fully match our requirements.


Hof8 Klärle in Weikersheim
We would like to thank the team at Klärle-Gesellschaft für Landmangement und Umwelt GmbH for this great project.
PV systems on the roof of the Hof8
PV systems on the roof of the Hof8
Commercial storage Intilion scalebloc on Hof8 in Weikersheim
The INTILION | scalebloc as an energy store
Hof8 electric mobility charging station in Weikersheim
Charging park for electric vehicles


Weikersheim, Germany

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Electromobility, self-consumption optimisation