The large-scale storage system

Our large-scale storage systems provide high-performance lithium-ion energy solutions that offer a solid foundation for load balancing, atypical and intensive grid use, and other applications. We work with you to plan your very own INTILION | scalecube, to make sure you get the best solution – both financially and technically.

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Large storage capacities. Custom design.

Thanks to our all-in-one, easy-to-assemble, and intrinsically safe system, there’s nothing you need to worry about.

Modular and customizable

Modular and customizable design with grid integration for a wide range of energy content and output specifications, both in-doors and out. Our consulting and advisory services cover all components, from inverter and transformer to grid connection and energy management system.

All-in-one solution

We offer customizable all-in-one solutions from start to finish based on your specific needs, from project management and grid integration to final approvals.

Intelligent system management

Battery system management, visualization, and connectivity, plus integration of external energy management systems throughout your overall setup.


Outdoor casing and climate control allow the unit to be installed anywhere and to handle any weather conditions.

You can depend on us.

Water- and dust-resistant

The IP55-standard outdoor casing protects your battery storage system from water and dust.


INTILION | scalecube uses high-quality lithium-ion cells that are particularly well-suited for special applications indoors and out. The system builds on our own experience and on cell safety tests. What’s more, the INTILION battery management system also meets the highest safety standards and is based on a sophisticated, proven service and maintenance concept.


Internal and external overvoltage and lightning protection for even greater safety.

Battery cell protection

The intelligent climate control and monitoring concepts maximize battery cell life.


Where can you use our large-scale storage system for maximum efficiency?

Explore the most common uses for our project solution. More front-of-the-meter applications are also possible. Talk to us!

Emergency power for a secure power supply in the event of a power failure

By building a stand-alone grid, an energy storage system can bridge the power supply in the event of a grid failure and provide an emergency power solution.

Atypical grid use to relieve the grid during periods of high load

The energy storage system charges up in times of low grid loads and provides power at peak times to relieve the grid load and ensure custom grid fees.

Intensive grid use for optimized and individual grid fees

With an annual consumption of at least 10 GWh and usage hours of 7,000 h, you receive individual and optimized grid fees. Energy storage systems can help.

Energy storage solution on the energy market for additional revenues

Revenue from energy storage systems that store electricity during periods of low exchange prices and sell it again when prices rise

Control reserve (FCR, aFFR) for balancing power grid fluctuations

Balancing power grid fluctuations by absorbing excess energy when generation is too high and releasing it when demand exceeds generation.

Expansion of grid connection to support electromobility

The grid is not designed to cope with the increasing number of electric vehicles charging points. Energy storage systems increase the available output and optimize the charging infrastructure.

Peak shaving to avoid high peak loads

Commercial and industrial companies often have high peak loads in their energy consumption. An energy storage system can help shave those peaks.

Optimizing self-consumption of renewable energies

Optimize energy consumption by storing surplus self-generated power for use when needed.