Cloud Services und Data Monitoring Batteriespeicher INTILION

End-to-end cloud services and reliable data monitoring around the clock

The whole world is digital, and energy storage systems are no different Today, energy storage systems are no longer just individual cells that supply devices with their stored energy. Energy storage systems are not just individual cells that supply devices with their stored energy. They are energy systems that communicate with each other as well as with cloud services. They deliver valuable data and information to optimize processes, save energy, and ensure everything runs smoothly. Data monitoring and cloud services have become indispensable. Our storage systems provide you with a 24/7 cloud service, while ensuring the best possible system performance and maximizing both security and convenience at the same time.

Your benefits at a glance

Remote monitoring for predictive maintenance

All systems are monitored around the clock thanks to 24/7 cloud data storage. Systems can be accessed remotely from any-where in the world. Notifications are sent automatically. If necessary, our service team can take direct action, clear up any un-answered questions, and take care of the necessary adjustments.

Performance analysis and reporting

All recorded data is monitored in real time and analyzed using our specially developed algorithms. By implementing the resulting optimizations, we can maximize the performance of your energy storage system and applications.

Data security

We rely on market-leading security services for our cloud architecture and, by linking together these standardized services, we can provide the best possible, state-of-the-art cybersecurity and always stay ahead of the curve. With redundant and distributed cloud servers, we also have the right safeguards in place to protect against data loss.

Standardized access

Our future-proof cloud architecture makes it possible to provide a cloud-to-cloud connection for third-party providers, meaning that you can integrate all of the data generated by your storage system into your existing infrastructure.

Remote commissioning

Our comprehensive cloud solution enables remote commissioning of our products. We can also respond quickly to any issues that arise and provide remote support at all hours.