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Safe and secure solutions for tomorrow’s energy – anytime, anywhere!

We stand for future-ready, sustainable energy storage solutions, with a special focus on system-relevant and critical infrastructure such as commerce, municipalities, industry and energy networks. Our goal is to provide clean and reliable storage for power from renewable and sustainable energy sources – so that the world can use it for a secure power supply and e-mobility charging infrastructure.

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Full Power from Paderborn, Germany

Our head office is located in Paderborn, Germany. With the most wind turbines per square mile in the entire state of North Rhine-Westphalia, our region is at the forefront of the energy transition.

Paderborn’s choice location in the heart of Germany ensures outstanding connections to major metropolitan areas throughout Europe. On top of that, Paderborn University is the driving force of research and innovation at the city’s core.

Our location in Paderborn is featuring a modern, centrally located office building with loft-like spaces and a co-working area for external consultants.

Standort Paderborn Gebäude INTILION

Empowering the world for renewable energy

We drive the future energy industry with the sole use of clean and renewable energy. As a pioneering force in the energy transition, we leverage intelligent energy storage solutions to provide sustainable and stable grid infrastructure that helps ensure a reliable power supply for businesses, the public sector, and strong e-mobility infrastructure.

Our management team

Dr. André Haubrock

CEO | Management Board

Dr.-Ing. Electrical Engineering, MBA
15 years of lithium-ion battery expertise
11 years HOPPECKE of which 8 years in managerial positions

Dirk Engel

CFO | Management Board

Dipl. Economics
25 years of experience at technology companies
15 years of Group-CFO experience at Technotrans SE

Philipp Knaup

COO | Senior Executive

Dipl. Economics
12 years management experience in supply chain, logistics and business development
5 years managing director of a subsidiary of the BayWa AG

Boris Langerbein

CINO | Senior Executive

Dipl. Power Engineering
20 years of market experience
5 years Head of Marketing
3 years Director IN.hub

Manuel Schmidt

CSO | Senior Executive

Dipl. Industrial Engineering
16 years of market experience at Spelsberg, WAGO and VIVAVIS (IDS) of which 7 years in managerial positions


Our five corporate values

Our five corporate values are the heart and soul of our company. Every day, our teams embrace and embody them when working with our partners and stakeholders. These values represent the things that are the most important to us and guide our actions at every turn.

We are flexible

We customize our solutions and services. We are agile and we adjust quickly in a fast changing and growing industry.

We are sustainable

We believe in enabling and supporting a better tomorrow. We develop talent and we believe in wellbeing and work-life balance.

We are value-adding

Our solutions and services are innovative and intelligent. We drive efficiencies along your value chain.

We are collaborative

We engage with others to create partnerships. We trust and build on other’s talent. We embrace diversity and champion inclusive communications with our stakeholder network.

We are reliable

We are acting with integrity. We deliver on our commitment. We are passionate about what we do.


Energy storage is in INTILION’s DNA

INTILION was spun off of the HOPPECKE Group in 2019 to pool the company’s lithium-ion activities under a single roof and advance the energy transformation with stationary storage systems. Through its parent company, INTILION has access to more than 95 years of experience in premium-quality electrochemical energy storage for industrial applications.

2023 - Integration of the Energy Storage Solutions (ESS) business unit

In January 2023, the Energy Storage Solutions (ESS) business unit was legally transferred to INTILION Aktiengesellschaft.

2022 - Incorporation of INTILION AG

In June 2022, INTILION Aktiengesellschaft was incorporated through a change of legal form.

2021 - INTILION | scalestac indoor commercial storage system launched

The INTILION | scalestac is the second INTILION commercial storage system to be optimized for indoor use thanks to impressive energy content scalability (roughly 150 kWh to 1,200 kWh) and performance (25 kVA to 400 kVA in 25 kVA steps).

2019 - INTILION | scalebloc outdoor commercial storage system launched

The INTILION | scalebloc is the first outdoor commercial storage system, offering an energy content of roughly 70 kWh, along with an output of 25 kVA, 50 kVA, and 73 kVA and up to 16 parallel connections. The all-in-one system offers a fire protection concept, climate control, cloud connectivity, and an energy management system.

2019 - INTILION | scalecube large-scale storage system launched

The INTILION | scalecube is available in both an indoor and outdoor version, covering energy content of 1 MWh to 100 MWh. INTILION offers large-scale storage projects including comprehensive project management services and a full range of grid hookup options (inverter, transformer, switching stations, assembly, and more).

2019 - INTILION GmbH spun off

The HOPPECKE Group’s lithium-ion activities are pooled in INTILION GmbH, a new company with three business fields: trak, grid, and rail.

2008 - Lithium-ion activities begin

The HOPPECKE Group sets the stage for lithium-ion battery engineering and development by founding HOPPECKE Advanced Battery Technology in Zwickau, Germany.


INTILION means added value

Let us be the strong partner on your side. From developing, installing, and servicing the perfect energy storage solution all the way through to environmentally friendly and professional recycling through certified recycling partners, you’ll get everything you need from a single source – all backed up by our capable project management team and partner network. Our sights are squarely set on meeting the highest quality and industry standards, as well as the latest safety criteria.

All of our storage system components are assembled in Germany to create high-quality energy storage systems. The finished systems are delivered from Germany to our customers throughout Europe.

INTILION means tailored and digital solutions

Our modular INTILION | scalestac, scalebloc, and scalecube energy storage systems cover a full range of applications for opti-mum energy storage for commerce, industry, and grid infrastructure. Battery storage capacities range from roughly 70 kWh to 100 MWh. Every storage system is cloud-ready for constant performance monitoring. Data analysis makes it possible to identify unused storage capacities and balance out peak demand and peak loads, helping avoid power outages and ensuring a constant supply of electricity. The resulting data sets also let you forecast the expected remaining service life of the storage system.

INTILION means safety

The safety of our products and solutions is our top priority. Thanks to our innovative battery cell energy management technology and our comprehensive fire protection concept, all of our products meet the relevant standards, making them exceptionally safe in use. Our special storage rack system featuring a safety enclosure is the gold standard in the industry. What’s more, we test our systems thoroughly at our in-house labs in Paderborn. To make sure we keep responding quickly and providing you with optimum service in the future, we perform ongoing research on new innovations.


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