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INTILION GmbH is a sister company of HOPPECKE Batterien GmbH und Co KG. We stand for future-proof and sustainable energy storage solutions for stationary and mobile applications.

About us

Electrochemical energy storage is in our DNA

INTILION is 100% part of the HOPPECKE group. The HOPPECKE Group of companies operates globally as a medium-sized business, is owner-managed and has its headquarters in Brilon-Hoppecke.

Through our roots we have more than 90 years of experience in the development and manufacture of electrochemical energy storage systems for industrial applications to the highest quality standards.

Since 01 April 2019 we have bundled all our lithium activities in INTILION GmbH. At our locations in Paderborn and Zwickau we focus on the development and supply of innovative, individual lithium-ion energy storage solutions and in this context we also offer you future-oriented business models. Our product portfolio includes systems for both stationary battery storage and industrial traction applications.

Our focus is on the three application areas: stationary commercial and large-scale storage systems for the intermediate storage of renewable energies, traction energy storage systems for industrial trucks such as forklifts, and high-voltage systems for trains and other heavy-duty applications.


One team - two places of action

Labor INTILION in Zwickau


Zwickau is the central value-added location of INTILION Gmbh with a focus on research, development and manufacturing.

Commercial Storage INTILION | scalebloc Analysis

INTILION Paderborn

The focus of stationary storage systems is in Paderborn. This is supported by sales, engineering, marketing and development.


We are complemented by our partners


The “Wollmarktstrasse” is our business community location for networking start-ups, corporates and other institutions.

HOPPECKE Batteries

Our sister company HOPPECKE GmbH develops industrial batteries of various technologies in the B2B sector.


Latest news & announcements from our company

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INTILION I scalebloc Commissioning

Commissioning of a commercial storage in Austria

Commissioning of the commercial storage INTILION | scalebloc: Exclusive insights on the construction site during the commissioning of the commercial storage. Commissioning of the commercial storage by using the example in Austria: What actually happens on the construction site and

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Review of the VDV-Elektrobuskonferenz

The VDV-Elektrobuskonferenz on March 16 and 17, 2021, which was held in digital format for the first time, makes it clear that electric buses play an essential role in achieving climate protection goals. Thus, environmentally friendly mobility remains one of

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