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Open and transparent communication is a key priority for INTILION. We publish press releases to share notable developments at the company with you and the (trade) press. Information on selected projects as well as industry-related events and publications can be found here.

Opening event with Minister President Michael Kretschmer

INTILION, Qair and Leipzig municipal utilities put innovative solar storage power plant into operation Priestewitz, 20.03.2023. The provider of energy storage solutions INTILION, the independent power producer Qair and Leipzig’s municipal utility company ceremonially commissioned a solar storage power plant in Priestewitz today. At the heart of the plant is the INTILION | scalecube large-scale storage system, which temporarily stores the energy from the 13.5 MWp solar park. The hybrid plant is the first project in the innovation tender of the Federal Network Agency to be connected to the power grid in Saxony. At the event, Saxony’s Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer and the mayor of Priestewitz Manuela Gajewi emphasized how important the green power plant is for Saxony and the community. “Saxony is a technology-open, innovative state – we see this in Meißen County, among other places. Here in the Free State, we have large parts of the battery value

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Energy storage provider INTILION joins UN Global Compact – Commitment to sustainability

Paderborn. The energy storage providerexpert INTILION has joined the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest and most important initiative for sustainable and responsible corporate governance. The company is thus committed not only to sustainable values, but also to the ten universal principles in the areas of human rights, labor standards, the environment and anti-corruption. INTILION has committed to report annually on its progress in sustainability. André Haubrock, CEO of INTILION AG says: “We are operating in an industry whose products will make a significant contribution to a successful energy transition. Commercial energy storage systems can significantly increase the share of renewable ener-gies in electricity consumption – whether in small companies, industrial operations or in the power grid. We are convinced that climate protection targets can only be achieved in harmony with social responsibility. At INTILION, we want to create long-term and sustainable added value for all stakeholders – therefore, our

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There is no energy transition without energy storages

NRW’s Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection Mona Neubaur visits Paderborn-based energy storage provider INTILION The fact that a successful energy transition is only possible with energy storages has been made clear by the Paderborn-based provider INTILION during a meeting with NRW’s Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection Mona Neubaur on Friday. The minister paid a visit to find out more about the company and its stationary storage systems. INTILION is specialized in energy storage systems for commerce, industry and power grids. By temporarily storing energy from renewable generation plants such as solar or wind power and thereby making it usable even at times when there is little actual production, the systems make a significant contribution to the energy transition. “Our energy storage solutions are making a major contribution to the transformation of the energy system both across Europe and right here in our region,” explained Dr. André

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Stabilizing power grids using INTILION’s battery storage systems with backup-power capability

Safeguarding against regional blackouts As power generation becomes increasingly volatile, there is a growing need for grid-forming or backup power-capable energy storage systems that can be used to protect against bottlenecks. Although a nationwide blackout is not expected in Germany, the Federal Network Agency considers regional shutdowns to be likely, especially in the south of the country. This was also the conclusion from stress tests carried out between July and September by the four German transmission system operators 50Hertz, Amprion, TenneT and TransnetBW on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economics. Thanks to its commercial and large-scale storage units – INTILION | scalebloc, INTILION | scalestac and INTILION | scalecube – INTILION has the right solutions in its product range to face these imminent challenges. Indeed, the company offers versatile solutions: scalable devices from 70 kilowatt hours to several megawatt hours. From mountain hotels to megawatt projects Today, the battery

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Power grid of the future

INTILION storage system supplies Smart Grid LAB Hessen and Ingenieurbüro Pfeffer with power. INTILION, the expert for battery storage solutions from Paderborn, Germany, has launched its outdoor storage system INTILION | scalebloc on the premises of Ingenieurbüro Pfeffer in Rödermark. The 68.5 kWh storage system now provides electricity to the company building and the Smart Grid LAB Hessen, which is being built there. In this research laboratory, the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences and the Pfeffer engineering office, together with other project partners, intend to research an intelligent power grid (smart grid) under real-world conditions. INTILION’s storage system will also serve as a real element in a realistically simulated smart grid. “We are excited that our storage system is part of this innovative research project,” emphasizes Thomas Cloidt, Global Key Account Manager eMobility at INTILION. Consumers are becoming prosumers In the future power grid, decentralized energy supply is increasing. E-mobility

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Stadtwerke: Primary and secondary control power increased retroactively

INTILION increases control power for pioneer hybrid storage project of Stadtwerke Bielefeld Paderborn, 23 August 2022. Energy storage solutions expert INTILION has again prequalified a megawatt hybrid storage unit installed at Stadtwerke Bielefeld for balancing power. The unit can not only temporarily store surplus energy, but also use this energy to heat up the district heating water. By adjusting the control parameters in the INTILION control units, the storage expert has now succeeded in balancing the power at the grid connection point more quickly, thereby meeting the increasing requirements of the transmission system operators and subsequently increasing the primary and secondary control power (PRL and SRL). Unique project Since April 2021, Stadtwerke Bielefeld has been marketing the energy from the hybrid storage facility in the PRL market of the transmission system operator Tennet. “Our hybrid storage system was already unique with 7.32 megawatts and can now provide even more power,”

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New research project “INZELL” launched

(translated from German. Original below) New research project “INZELL” launched – development and testing of grid support and system service provision by Max Bögl industrial cell with islanding capability and renewable energies The new federal research project entitled “Grid support and system service provision by an industrial cell with islanding capability and renewable energies”, INZELL for short, has been launched. The focus is on investigating issues and research aspects related to the optimized interaction of different generation plants, storage facilities and load management systems. The aim is to enable stand-alone operation of the Max Bögl Group’s industrial cell in the event of supply interruptions and to help ensure the stability of the public power grid more cost-effectively. Industrial operations are thus increasingly becoming a key component for the successful and cost-effective implementation of the energy transition. The research project has a duration of 3 years and is funded by the

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INTILION AG is a provider of innovative, highly scalable, and integrable energy storage solutions. Its product and service portfolio is particularly suitable for use in system-relevant and critical infrastructures such as commercial, industrial, and grid. INTILION’s intelligent lithium-ion-based ESS products have a storage capacity ranging from 70 kWh to 100 MWh. INTILION AG’s portfolio of solutions and services is leading the way to a decarbonized, flexible, and digital energy sector, enabling the transition toward climate-neutral, renewable, and clean energy use. The company’s customers include local, regional, and international utilities and energy distributors, as well as system distributors and engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractors within Europe. INTILION AG is headquartered in Paderborn, Germany, and belongs to the family-owned HOPPECKE Group, with a heritage of more than 95 years of expertise and engineering excellence in batteries.