Energy storage INTILION

See how our energy storage systems already provide an optimal energy balance.

The energy storage systems INTILION | scalebloc and INTILION | scalecube already provide a wide range of possible applications.

Battery storage for grid stabilisation in Hungary

With large storage against voltage fluctuations

With the highest level of safety and reliability, INTILION has once again successfully delivered a battery storage unit to Hungary. This helps the Hungarian distribution network operator NKM to stabilise the voltage fluctuations that occur in its PV network.

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Energy Independence

Energy independence in agriculture

A robust and reliable overall system to increase the degree of self-sufficiency is the new flagship of the Huabahof in the foothills of the Alps. By using a secure battery storage system, not only the expansion of the network infrastructure can be avoided but also rising electricity costs. A beacon project in agriculture for energy independence.

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EV Charging

Emission-free electric mobility for Weikersheim

Klärle – Gesellschaft für Landmanagement und Umwelt mbH uses the INTILION | scalebloc as “green piggy bank” for the Weikersheimer. With the INTILION | scalebloc Klärle makes emission-free electric mobility possible for all inhabitants of Weikersheim and promotes the e-mobility sharing of their own electric vehicles.

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NiBS outer view INTILION scalebloc

Charging electric vehicles with self-produced energy

At the British company NiBS, the INTILION | scalebloc enables the successful combination of photovoltaic systems with a charging infrastructure for e-charging stations. In this way, NiBS charges its own electric vehicles with self-produced energy from the photovoltaic system, thereby saving the costs of a complex and expensive grid expansion.

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INTILION | scalebloc at the Pader waste disposal company in Paderborn

Reduce load peaks in waste disposal operations

Due to high starting currents when the waste recyclers are switched on, Pader Entsorgungs GmbH & Co.KG has high peak loads and the resulting costs. To reduce these costs, two INTILION | scaleblocs were installed as part of a development project.

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