Fire protection concept for lithium-ion battery systems

As a company committed to sustainable energy supply, we place the highest value on the quality and reliability of our products. For this reason, we exclusively use high-quality lithium-ion high-voltage batteries from renowned manufacturers that are characterised by their outstanding performance and durability.

Safety first

We know that every battery storage system carries a certain level of risk. Therefore, we have decided to equip our battery storage systems with additional safety components.

Battery management system

Overall system control

Comprehensive fire protection concepts

1) Battery management system

The integrated battery management system (BMS) constantly monitors the battery and switches it off in case any operating parameters are exceeded.

2) Overall system control

System control ensures that the battery storage is constantly operating in the optimal range. This system control handles, for example, thermal management at system level, monitoring, remote access, and checks of system control values.

3) Comprehensive fire protection concepts

We have implemented specific fire safety measures for both our commercial storage systems and our large-scale storage systems.

Commercial storage

Mechanical fire protection enclosure

Our commercial battery storage systems provide the best possible protection with three different safety levels, effectively preventing fires. The third safety level is a mechanical fire protection enclosure, offering additional safety features that ensure enhanced protection for the storage units and the environment. It has been specifically designed for INTILION | scalebloc and INTILION | scalestac.


All advantages at a glance

Prevention of fire spreading

Prevents fire spread by diverting the outgassing through a specially designed labyrinth system and retaining ignition sources.

Prevention of explosion

The increased flow resistance compresses and oversaturates the gas making it no longer flammable in the module enclosure and therefore unable to explode.

Limits propagation to one module

Limits the propagation to a maximum of one module. Since no open flames can occur, a fire is safely prevented

Protects water and environment

In the event of an accident, electrolyte cannot leak nor enter the ground or wastewater

Outdoor commercial storage

In the case of cell propagation, fire, explosion, and flying parts are reliably avoided

Our commercial storage INTILION | scalebloc is equipped with a fire protection system as a standard feature, regardless of its capacity. According to the regulation on the construction of operating rooms for electrical installations, there are specific fire protection requirements for battery systems. These requirements are addressed for lithium-ion batteries in the regulation VDE-AR-E 2510-50. The described tests demand that the battery system avoids cell propagation, fire, explosion, and the ejection of flying parts. Furthermore, the propagation of other modules must be prevented. With its fully mechanical construction, INTILION’s patented fire protection system reliably and securely meets these requirements.

Indoor commercial storage

In the indoor area, we take it a step further - the proveribal fire door for battery storage

Even though the outdoor system already provides reliable protection, we take it a step further with FLEPS – the Fire Limiter and Environmental Protection System. The fire protection enclosure of INTILION | scalebloc serves as the foundation for the innovative FLEPS, specifically developed for our INTILION | scalestac for indoor use. FLEPS prevents fire or even an explosion by feeding generated gas through a kind of labyrinth, making it no longer flammable. Additionally, FLEPS prevents electrolyte leakage out of the system in the rare event of a fire or mechanical cell damage, as it comes with an integrated containment tray as a standard feature.

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Large scale storage

Comprehensive safety concept for large-scale storage system

We know that fire protection is highly significant when it comes to large-scale storage systems. In the development of our fire protection concepts, we consider all aspects of operating such systems. We understand that each system is unique and has different requirements, which is why we provide custom-fit solutions. Our team of experts works closely with our customers to ensure that their systems are optimally protected.


All advantages at a glance

Comprehensive concept

Comprises of sensors, smoke detectors, aerosol fire extinguishing generators, signalling devices and control panel

Early warning

Provides early warning to individuals on-site and send signals to our service team through cloud connectivity

Limits the damage

Due to the quick reaction and limitation, large financial damage is avoided

Protects water and environment

Limits the propagation to a maximum of one module. Since no open flames can occur, a fire is safely prevented

Container solution

Reliable monitoring of the system at all times

Our fire alarm system with fire suppression is the ideal solution for protecting battery rooms and control rooms. We rely on tested aerosol fire extinguishing generators that rapidly suppress secondary fires. With multi-sensor detectors for smoke and heat and connectivity to the central fire alarm system, reliable monitoring is ensured at all times. Upon detecting a fire, both visual and audible signalling devices are activated. In case of emergency, the fire alarm system can also be manually triggered from outside the container. The fire control panel is accessible from outside and can be quickly reached to intervene if necessary. To prevent any electrolyte from entering the environment, our containers are equipped with containment trays.

Skid solution

Each battery unit equipped with its own fire alarm and extinguishing system

Our fire protection system for skid systems is similar to that of container solutions. In this case, each individual battery unit is equipped with its own fire alarm and suppression system. This system comprises a smoke detector, a heat detector, and aerosol fire extinguishing generators, all perfectly synchronised. The fast action of the aerosol ensures rapid containment of the fire, limiting the propagation to a single battery unit and minimising the damage. Additionally, each unit is connected to the central fire alarm system. Through our cloud connectivity, signal is immediately sent to our service team, enabling prompt intervention in the event of a fire.

Our products are subject to continuous further development, therefore we reserve the right to make changes. All illustrations similar