The compact commercial storage system for indoor and outdoor uses

The INTILION | scalebloc is based on a lithium-ion battery system and serves as a compact, all-in-one solution for stationary energy storage. Along with many different possible uses in areas such as optimization of self-consumption, peak shaving, emergency power systems, and support of EV charging points, this commercial storage unit also offers a range of other benefits.

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Easy to install. All in one.

No need to worry about anything – our all-in-one system is easy to assemble, intrinsically safe, and set up and commissioned within a day.

Turnkey solution

The INTILION | scalebloc boasts a holistic system design consisting of a battery, inverter, LTE modem, and intelligent system management.


The use of an LTE modem ensures that operating data is continuously recorded in the INTILION Cloud. This technology has a number of advantages, including allowing our Service team to access the system remotely.

Easy to assemble

The unit can be installed directly using the plug and play feature in accordance with grid connection guidelines. All-in-one, AC-coupled solution and cloud connectivity.

Integrated climate control and weather-resistance

A coated IP55 outdoor casing and climate control allow the unit to be installed anywhere and to handle any weather conditions.

Intelligent system management

Intelligent system management is an additional level of security that monitors the entire system. Its functions include checking the plausibility of all system data and regulating the climate control feature.

Customization and scalability

The INTILION | scalebloc can be connected up to 4 times in parallel and thus scaled to meet individual needs and applications.


You can depend on us

Water- and dust-resistant

The IP55-standard outdoor casing protects your battery storage system from water and dust.


Each battery module has a fire-resistant casing in line with the VDE-AR E 2510-50 standard.


Internal and external overvoltage and lightning protection for even greater safety.

Battery cell protection

The intelligent climate control and monitoring concepts maximize battery cell life.


Where can you use our commercial storage system for maximum efficiency?

Explore the uses for our all-in-one solution.

Peak shaving to avoid high peak loads

Commercial and industrial companies often have high peak loads in their energy consumption. An energy storage system can help shave those peaks.

Optimizing self-consumption of renewable energies

Optimize energy consumption by storing surplus self-generated power for use when needed.

Emergency power for a secure power supply in the event of a power failure

By building a stand-alone grid, an energy storage system can bridge the power supply in the event of a grid failure and provide an emergency power solution.

Expansion of grid connection to support electromobility

The grid is not designed to cope with the increasing number of electric vehicles charging points. Energy storage systems increase the available output and optimize the charging infrastructure.