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INTILION | scalebloc: Our commercial storage solution for medium storage capacities from 60 kWh to 500 kWh

The commercial storage system INTILION | scalebloc is based on the lithium-ion battery system. One or two integrated 30 kVA bidirectional inverters guarantee that you always have a stable three-phase 400 V supply.

Our commercial storage system has already been implemented in numerous projects and is in high demand. Its success shows that energy storage systems play a decisive role in the energy transition.


This allows you to use the commercial storage efficiently.


Optimised consumption of own PV systems

Optimised self-consumption from existing PV systems & emergency power supply for agricultural enterprises


Setting up the infrastructure for e-mobility

Energy provision to cater for the continuous increase in e-mobility in multi-storey car parks or rural areas


Avoiding peak demand curves

Cost reduction by avoiding peak loads in industrial enterprises


Electrification of off-grid regions

Electrification of off-grid villages by installing PV systems and energy storage systems

Customisation & scalability

Thanks to our foil system, INTILION | scalebloc can be customised in line with your specific requirements. Furthermore, INTILION | scalebloc is fully scalable.

Integrated AC unit & weather resistance

The outdoor enclosure with AC unit means that the system can be installed anywhere, irrespective of weather conditions.


Thanks to its modular design and 19" withdrawable racks, our system can be modified to suit a wide range of requirements.

Turnkey solution

The holistic system design - from battery, inverter and energy management system to air-conditioned enclosure - makes INTILION | scalebloc the ideal solution.

Plug & play

The unit can be installed directly using the plug and play feature in accordance with supply connection guidelines. All-in-one, AC-coupled solution and cloud connectivity.

Intelligent energy management system

The integrated energy management system allows all the electrical consumers to be metered and individually controlled.
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Beschreibung Gewerbespeicher INTILION | scalebloc
Beschreibung Gewerbespeicher INTILION | scalebloc
Beschreibung Gewerbespeicher INTILION | scalebloc
Commercial storage INTILION | scalebloc

You can depend on us

Protection against ingress of water and dust

The outdoor enclosure has an IP55 rating and provides protection against ingress of water and dust.

Fire protection

Every battery module has a fire protection housing according to VDE-AR 2510-50.

Surge protection

Internal and external surge and lightning protection for even greater safety.

Battery cell protection

The intelligent air conditioning and monitoring concepts offers maximum battery cell life.


INTILION | scalebloc in figures


68.5 kWh


30 kW or 60 kW

Dimensions (h x w x d):

2,030 mm x 1,618 mm x 1,026 mm


~ 950 kg

Battery performance:

15 years / 8000 cycles

Please refer to our data sheet for further specifications. Unable to find what you were looking for? Please contact us.

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