The modular, economical indoor commercial storage system

Get to know our modular indoor energy storage system – a real money-saver for municipal utility companies, the public sector, heavy industry, commercial enterprises, farms, and small businesses. The INTILION | scalestac is configurable in 25-kVA steps up to 400 kVA for various energy content specifications.

Safe. Scalable. Economical.

Modular expansion options, absolutely safe.


The indoor storage system uses high-quality lithium-ion cells that are specifically designed for use in buildings, with a safety promise based on our experience with large-scale storage products. The INTILION battery management system meets the highest safety standards, with a sophisticated, proven service and maintenance concept to back it up.


The INTILION | scalestac system can be adapted individually to your needs and expanded in 25-kVA steps from 25 kVA up to 400 kVA, even after installation. Parallel connections are also possible. An energy content of up to 616 kWh can be selected for each system, with your choice of a charging and discharge rate up to 1C. Other scaling options are available on request.


Our consistent focus on the requirements facing indoor storage systems lets us keep the price of our products attractive while avoiding unnecessary added costs. Pay for what you need – and not a cent more.

Innovative fire protection technology

Our unique INTILION | FLEPS (Fire Limiter and Environmental Protection System) prevents fire from spreading to other mod-ules in line with the VDE-AR-E 2510-50 standard.


Stay flexible in any situation.

Our INTILION | scalestac shines thanks to outstanding flexibility. Adapt the system to your specific needs. Take advantage of shaving your peak loads, optimizing your energy consumption, keeping your business up and running during sudden power outages or charging your electric vehicle fleet in no time flat. Configure your system individually, and save money by paying only for the functions you really need.

Peak shaving to avoid high peak loads

Commercial and industrial companies often have high peak loads in their energy consumption. An energy storage system can help shave those peaks.

Optimizing self-consumption of renewable energies

Optimize energy consumption by storing surplus self-generated power for use when needed.

Emergency power for a secure power supply in the event of a power failure

By building a stand-alone grid, an energy storage system can bridge the power supply in the event of a grid failure and provide an emergency power solution.

Expansion of grid connection to support electromobility

The grid is not designed to cope with the increasing number of electric vehicles charging points. Energy storage systems increase the available output and optimize the charging infrastructure.