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Innovative industrial storage systems with medium to large capacity for a wide range of applications.

Energy storage INTILION

We offer you a wide range of applications

Solar power is a fluctuating energy source. A photovoltaic system, for instance, will not generate any energy at night and will generate too much on sunny days. However, these amounts of energy generally do not coincide with your specific energy consumption. With our storage solutions you can store the surplus energy and tap into it when you need it. In this way you can bridge periods when there is little sunlight. Furthermore, you will be increasing the proportion of self-consumption since you can use the energy you have generated more efficiently. Find out more»   

A critical factor affecting e-mobility is the provision of energy for the EV Charging infrastructure. As power grids have developed over time, charging capacity is not available in every location. However, with our storage systems you can have the necessary energy ready to discharge it when needed. We can therefore make the charging infrastructure feasible even at locations previously considered unsuitable. Find out more»   

With our products you can avoid high peak loads. Our energy storage systems switch on automatically during peak demand hours, thereby reducing your energy costs. Find out more»   

The aim of our grid services is to make the energy available and to optimise a grid-based infrastructure. Our energy solutions are designed as buffer storage systems for power generators that are dependent on the weather and the time of day, e.g. solar farms or wind parks. As a result the stored energy can be discharged just when you need it. With our energy storage systems and the ability to stabilise the power network, we can deliver one of the key pieces to solve the puzzle of decentralised energy generation.

With our products you can ensure a reliable electrical and autarkic power supply, even off-grid. There is a whole raft of applications: we can, for instance, supply energy to camp sites, holiday villages, hospitals or remote hamlets. Find out more»   


As individual as your application

With its INTILION | scalebloc and INTILION | scalecube product lines, INTILION GmbH is offering two innovative, lithium-ion-based energy storage solutions that ensure the reliable buffering of large amounts of energy as well as enabling extremely high outputs. Every product is customised to your specific requirements and can be extended simply by adding further modules.

We offer you a reliable energy supply.

Capacity large-scale and commercial storage INTILION
Industrial storage systems

A choice of two systems

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INTILION | scalebloc

For medium storage capacities from 60 kWh to 500 kWh

INTILION | scalecube

Specifically designed for large storage capacities of over 500 kWh and up to several megawatt hours

Energy management system for large-scale and commercial storage
INTILION Dashboard

Energy management system

Our cloud-linked, intelligent energy management system is designed to provide constant monitoring of all installed systems. Consequently you can always check the status of your individual units.
Furthermore the service access includes remote diagnostics and preventive maintenance procedures.


Why should you choose us?


Solutions that are as individual as you are

Our modular design can be configured for all applications. By using a rack system with innovative containment, we have created an advanced standard. This allows us to provide you with turnkey products. If you don’t like the colour, we can offer you a wide range of design options as an extra. Our designs are as individual as you are.

Our products meet all the relevant standards and are therefore highly reliable. This is due not least to our innovative, cell-level energy management system and our comprehensive fire protection concept. Your safety matters to us.


You can depend on us for safety


Solutions tailor-made for you

We understand your individual requirements so that we can meet them all. We offer you the best solution – in terms of economic efficiency as well as technology. With our customised, accurate operator models and after-sales service you can continue to focus on your core business. Our goal is your success.

We have already considered the interfaces that are required when you want to expand your existing infrastructure. This means that we can guarantee maximum compatibility.


It all fits


You can depend on us

We only supply premium products that meet the highest quality standards. We install our components in high-quality containers that can withstand all weather conditions and other stresses.

Our systems have interfaces for continuous over-the-air performance and condition monitoring. This means that you will always be one step ahead of the competition when it comes to performance monitoring. We customise the way we present our data to suit your requirements, because we believe it is important that you can always keep track.


We help you keep track