Charging with solar power at the new DEW21 charging station

Three of our scaleblocs are now turning Dortmund’s city center even more emission-free. The commercial storage units with a total capacity of 220 kilowatt hours are part of the new Smart Charging Hub charging park of Dortmunder Energie- und Wasserversorgung (DEW21). With this project, the energy supplier wants to enable fast charging in the city center of Dortmund.

Smart Charging Hub DEW21
Jörg Lohr, CEO Compleo Charging Solutions AG, Heike Heim, Chairwoman of the DEW21 Management Board, Thomas Westphal, Lord Mayor of the City of Dortmund, Peter Flosbach, Technical Managing Director of DEW21 and André Haubrock, INTILION Board Member.

Grid booster for energy transition

A 100-kWp solar system on the roof of the DEW21 headquarters supplies five fast-charging stations from the manufacturers Compleo and alpitronic with environmentally friendly electricity. Surplus energy is temporarily stored in our battery storage units and released again when e-cars are connected to the charging points. As grid boosters, our storage systems also support the grid connection when many electric cars are charging at the same time. WAGO’s intelligent energy management controls the energy flows and ensures that the grid is not overloaded.

The environmental effect of the project is great: DEW21 has calculated that at least 360.3 tons of carbon dioxide can be avoided. By comparison, this is how much CO2 is emitted by almost 260 mid-size cars with combustion engines per year.