Your path to C&I storage: discover our partners for energy efficiency, cost optimization, and safety

Reduce your energy costs with the use of scalable INTILION commercial storage systems through peak shaving or self-consumption optimization


Invest in the future of your energy supply and benefit from the advantages of our commercial storage solutions

Our storage units ensure improved energy efficiency and contribute to sustainability by storing and optimally using renewable energy. They have an open Modbus interface that enables a wide range of applications. In addition to fire protection integration, we also provide installation, maintenance and service, professional support services, and training to ensure that you always get the most out of our products.

INTILION | scalebloc

The compact solution for indoors and out

The INTILION | scalebloc is our most compact commercial storage system for indoor and outdoor use. It covers mid-range storage capacities up to 1,170 kWh.

INTILION | scalestac

The cost-efficient indoor commercial storage system

The INTILION | scalestac is our modular indoor energy storage system with an attractive ROI, thanks to its needs-based configuration. It covers storage capacities up to 1,200 kWh.


Strong partnerships for your success in the energy future

Our selected solar trading partners have extensive expertise in forward-looking business models. With deep expertise in storage technologies, PV systems, charging infrastructure and sector coupling, they are ready to provide you with customized solutions. They assist you in every phase, from the preparation of the offer to the precise design of the storage solution according to your project requirements. They also actively support the implementation of your projects, including set-up, installation and even financing options. Rely on our partners to make your energy visions a reality.

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