High-caliber and comprehensive lightning and overvoltage protection concept

Permanent availability and reliability of battery storage systems has become a critical commercial factor in the industry. Lightning strikes – either directly, in the nearby area, or even further away – can pose a major threat to infrastructure, as can grid overvoltage. They can cause avoidable damage and technical defects but also lead to significant servicing costs and expenses for maintenance personnel.

Maximum safety

Lightning strikes can damage the sensitive electronic components that handle the charging and discharging processes, in particular those responsible for managing peak loads, where significant fluctuations and surges are balanced out. INTILION applies a high-caliber and comprehensive lightning and overvoltage protection concept, which meets all applicable international standards. The concept involves installing an external lightning protection system on the roof to avert mechanical damage, such as melting of the sheet metal enclosure, if lightning strikes the system directly. The metal outer shell acts as a natural voltage protection mechanism, conducting the electricity to the earthing unit, and Faraday shield. All incoming power and data cables are equipped with high-performance lightning and overvoltage protection to provide full potential equalization of lightning strikes, shielding even the most sensitive of electronic components and ensuring an optimum level of safety for your systems.
All recorded data is monitored in real time and analyzed using our specially developed algorithms. By implementing the resulting optimizations, we can maximize the performance of your energy storage system and applications. A pre-defined monthly report can also be provided as an optional extra, to show the current system performance.