Self-consumption optimization at PLAYPARC

Play-Parc Allwetter-Freizeitanlagenbau GmbH has taken a significant step towards sustainable energy supply: by utilizing INTILION | scaleblocs, Play-Parc is now able to efficiently utilize the electricity generated from their photovoltaic system. With a capacity of 73 kWh and a power output of 50 kVA, this storage system was installed in 2023 in collaboration with H. Gautzsch Paderborn P. Stein GmbH & Co. KG.

Efficient utilisation of renewable energies

With INTILION | scalebloc, PLAYPARC can now match the energy generated by the photovoltaic system more effectively to their own consumption. INTILION | scalebloc stores surplus power from renewable energy sources and releases it during periods of high energy demand. Particularly in the operation of large-scale metal and wood processing machinery, which PLAYPARC employs, the green energy from the solar array can be utilised more efficiently.




50 kVA


73 kWh

1x INTILION | scalebloc

Total capacity: 73 kWh

A successful partnership

Our close proximity to H. Gautzsch Paderborn P. Stein GmbH & Co. KG has fostered a strong bond and an exceptionally pleasant collaboration right from the start. We take pride in providing consultancy and developing efficient solutions in the region, actively contributing to environmental conservation in partnership with H. Gautzsch Paderborn P. Stein  GmbH & Co. KG.


H. Gautzsch Paderborn P. Stein GmbH & Co. KG

Paderborn, Germany

Gautzsch in Paderborn is an electrical wholesale distributor serving the needs of trade, retail, and industry. They offer a comprehensive range of branded products as well as high-performance private label solutions across the spectrum of electrical supplies. Gautzsch is part of a network of leading mid-sized wholesalers with over 50 locations in Germany and Austria. The group, headquartered in Münster/Westphalia, has been owner-managed for over 160 years and retains its strong middle-sized enterprise character.


Play-Parc Allwetter-Freizeitanlagenbau GmbH

Bad Driburg, Germany