Autohaus Ehrhardt Hildburghausen
Reference project

The car dealership of the future – Ehrhardt AG

This is what the car dealership of the future looks like. Photovoltaics, energy storage and especially electromobility are becoming increasingly important. Autohaus Ehrhardt AG in Hildburghausen, together with INTILION GmbH, is taking an important step in the direction of the energy transition and is using a practical example to show what the car dealership of the future could look like.


The Ehrhardt car dealership in Hildburghausen has an operating facility for Volkswagen, SEAT, SKODA and Audi. In addition, it has already integrated its first e-bike shops. In 2020, they independently began to further expand the area of electromobility with PV systems, battery storage and carports.

For the successful expansion of Autohaus Ehrhardt AG towards the mobility turnaround, INTILION is supplying 2x2x75 kW Alpitronic Hyperchargers, 5x 22kW AC chargers, 1x PV system with 200 kW, 6x INTILION I scalebloc commercial storage units in the 1C variant with 60 kW and 68.5 kWh each, as well as a grid connection cabinet including an energy management system (EMS). The EMS is used to control all loads and generators in the system.

Thanks to the efficient energy storage system, the load peaks of the operation can be reduced and the self-consumption increased. The integrated EMS ensures the fault-free operation of the charging stations and battery storage through automated control.

Added value for the customer

With our battery storage systems, Autohaus Ehrhardt AG receives a reduction in the power price and a significant advantage in terms of time. Extensions of grid connections can thus be carried out more quickly. In addition, with the help of the PV systems, savings are made through self-consumption.

With this expansion, Autohaus Ehrhardt AG can serve the emerging electromobility market without any problems and offer a service that will become even more relevant in the coming decades. For Autohaus Ehrhardt, this not only means immense cost savings, but also a significant competitive advantage.


Autohaus Ehrhardt Hildburghausen
Exterior view of the company building Autohaus Ehrhardt in Hildburghausen
Top view of the company site in Hildburghausen
Gewerbespeicher Intilion scalebloc bei Autohaus Ehrhardt, Hildburghausen
Installation of 6x commercial storage INTILION | scalebloc


Hildburghausen, Germany





Use Case

Electromobility, self-consumption optimisation