Commissioning of a commercial storage in Austria

INTILION I scalebloc Commissioning

Commissioning of the commercial storage INTILION | scalebloc: Exclusive insights on the construction site during the commissioning of the commercial storage.

Commissioning of the commercial storage by using the example in Austria:

What actually happens on the construction site and how does commissioning proceed step by step on site? We would like to illustrate this in this article. Here you can see pictures of a commissioning from 15 March 2021 in Austria. Please note that the illustration and texts are of course abbreviated and not every single installation step can be described in detail. You can find the detailed installation steps in our operating instructions and also in our installation video.

In the example project in Austria, the commercial storage system provides the necessary power to charge a Tesla electric car and increases on-site self-consumption in parallel.

Step by step

The first step is to obtain approval from the distribution grid operator to check the TOR A generator certificate. Once this has been completed, the INTILION I scalebloc energy can be put into operation.

To ensure that commissioning always goes according to plan, the INTILION I scalebloc is usually delivered one to two days before commissioning. On this day, the supply lines to the system (in this example project: 5x16mm² and a CAT7 cable) should already be in place. For assembly at the installation site, the transport pallet is then unscrewed and the INTILION I scalebloc placed. Due to the forklift receptacles at the base of the system, this can be done within 20 minutes.

Then the panels of the fire protection modules are loosened. These are deliberately secured with only one screw so that every minute is used efficiently here as well.

Here you can see that the inverter, the ControlShield and the connection panels are already pre-wired. In addition, the connection cables for the individual modules are prepared.

Now you can start inserting the modules. To do this, carefully remove the modules from the boxes and insert them into the slots provided.

After all modules are firmly in place, the connection of the pre-assembled power cables is started. Of course, the right tools and the right torque must be used for this. Then the communication line between the modules is installed for monitoring by the battery management system (BMS).

Then we only have to fix the panels in front of the fire protection racks, connect the supply line and we can already start with the software setting. Since each INTILION I scalebloc is supplied with an integrated LTE connection, no connection to the customer’s network is necessary. This saves additional time and work steps. To set up the system, simply log in to the INTILION portal and select the system. Most of the settings have already been made during the function test in our factory in Zwickau. After entering the serial numbers of the modules (the fastest way to do this is with a barcode scanner), setting up the energy meter and taking a few measurements, commissioning is complete. Now the system automatically starts a power run and then switches to the set application.

In total, an installation time of four to six hours should be expected.

We wish all customers and partners a lot of fun with our system!