Top view of the sports facility in Békéscsaba
Reference project

Green energy for sports facilities in Békéscsaba

INTILION is proud to be part of the first city-owned smart grid project in Hungary. Based on its experience and knowledge of fire safety and smoke evacuation, INTILION is supplying a large-scale storage system to power the sports facilities in the Hungarian city of Békéscsaba. In addition to the optimal use of the green energy generated, the battery storage system can also supply the sports halls with energy in the event of failures in the public grid.

Project description

INTILION was selected by INFOWARE to provide an energy storage system of 2.4 MWh lithium-ion battery and 1.2 MW power for the first city-owned smart grid project in Hungary. The large-scale storage system is connected to a 1.3 MWp PV solar power plant. The green energy is to supply the sports facilities of the Hungarian city of Békéscsaba.

A private 11 kV grid with 11 kV / 0.4 kV transformation provides local energy generation, distribution, storage and consumption as part of the project. This structure ensures that the sports halls make optimal use of the green energy generated by the PV systems. The DSO’s public grid connection provides the stability and missing energy to the local grid. An additional feature of the smart grid is that the battery storage can supply the sports halls with energy in the event of failures in the public grid, thus ensuring the necessary voltage and frequency stability. Due to the high feed-in from newly built solar power plants in the area, the grid is regularly overloaded. In the event of a grid failure, the systems then switch to island operation and supply power directly from the solar plant and the energy storage system to the surrounding sports facilities, thus contributing to grid stabilisation, among other things. A synchronised, so-called seamless switch back is carried out when the public grid is available again.

The battery storage system, which is being installed by local partner INFOWARE, is based on INTILION’s knowledge and experience and includes, in addition to the battery modules with 7.61 kWh each, the certified INTILION fire protection rack, smoke extraction and filtering, as well as the INTILION Control and INTILION Battery Unit and air conditioning. The safety of lithium-ion was of particular importance, as fire protection and smoke gas filtration are especially important in high-traffic and urban areas. INTILION is at the forefront of this with a certified module-based fire protection concept.

Our partner INFOWARE Zrt. projected the entire microgrid and will implement it.

The entire smart grid is controlled and monitored by the Smart Grid Center developed by INFOWARE. It consists of data acquisition, storage, SCADA and the visualisation and control of historical data. The modules for production and consumption prediction and optimisation use artificially intelligent solutions. An additional 3D visualisation is being developed for visitors in the visitor centre.

INTILION is proud to be part of this project and to have realised this lighthouse project in Hungary with INFOWARE as a strong partner.



Békéscsaba, Hungary

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Use cases

Self-consumption optimisation, grid stabilisation, frequency regulation


2,4 MWh