Peak load balancing
Customer reference report

Load peak balancing of an industrial company with be.storaged

With a 2.7 MWh battery, we support be.storaged in a large-scale storage project for peak load balancing for an industrial customer.

In order to deliver the best possible solution to the industrial customer together with be.storaged, we used our INTILION | scalecube for peak load balancing on behalf of be.storaged. Our large-scale storage system enables the industrial company to achieve high annual savings through peak load balancing. Be.storaged provides the Energy Management System (EMS) suitable for the large-scale project.

As the industrial customer is located in the immediate vicinity of residential buildings, it was a challenge to comply with and verify all guidelines and standards when constructing the large-scale battery storage system.

In addition to coping with the significant regulatory requirements, a strict timeframe also had to be met: The storage facility was initially commissioned at the end of August 2020 and had to be operational by December 31, 2020. The difficult and uncertain situation due to Corona, made some of the work even more difficult. Despite all the obstacles and the loss of time, the entire project team managed to provide, assemble and commission the battery storage system to be delivered on time in just 18 weeks under strict hygiene conditions, so that the storage system can now take over peak shaving since January 01, 2021.

We are proud of this outstanding achievement and would like to thank all those involved for this cooperation.