Traction Batteries 24 V - 80 V

Lithium-ion traction batteries with integrated Battery Management System

The trak | powerpack lion traction batteries are part of our highly efficient and modular lithium-ion energy system. Our batteries are widely used, including in industrial trucks originally designed to be powered by lead-acid batteries. Thanks to our tray system, no vehicle-specific modifications are required.

Increased productivity

We guarantee optimum productivity - even when operating 24/7. Increase your productivity with us and save valuable time.

Long service life

Due to our high-quality cells, the service life of our lithium-ion batteries is five times longer than that of lead-acid batteries.

Rapid ROI

As a result of no longer needing to change batteries and equipment, of low maintenance costs, longer battery life and lower energy consumption, you can achieve a rapid return on investment.

Gassing-free and emission-free

Our lithium-ion batteries are mechanically encapsulated and therefore totally emission-free. This means that there is no risk of gassing, loss of electrolyte or corrosion.


Greater productivity achieved with our lithium-ion traction batteries

By using lithium we can guarantee that the battery life will be five times longer. As a result the battery does not have to be changed and maintenance work is reduced considerably. Due to our innovative and fast chargers, our battery systems reduce charge times and any top-ups. At the same time the power efficiency is ~ 30 % greater than that of lead-acid batteries, and as the trucks are also idle for shorter periods, truck availability is increased. Greater efficiency lowers CO2 emissions and energy costs are up to 30 % less.

Opting for our tailor-made lithium-ion battery systems allows you to concentrate on your core business.

Shorter charge times than for lead-acid batteries reduce the trucks’ downtime. A second charging point allows for easy top-ups at any time without having to switch and to disconnect the truck.

Our products are maintenance-free and reliable. Furthermore, maintenance and energy costs are reduced. Charging rooms and battery swapping stations are not necessary, which again cuts costs. Nor is there any need to top up the battery with water or to check the acid level.

Extremely flexible and rapidly operations due to our modifiable tray system – including for vehicles developed for lead-acid-battery operation.

Technical Data

A summary of our trak | powerpack lion | product range

24 V

85 Ah​

170 Ah

255 Ah

340 Ah

425 Ah

510 Ah

48 V

255 Ah​

340 Ah

425 Ah

510 Ah

80 V

360 Ah​

480 Ah

Other battery sizes available on request . All our batteries have a Comfort Charging  interface. Please refer to our data sheet for further technical data.

Rating class:

IP54-approved steel enclosure provides protection from external damage.

Operating temperature range:

Operating temperature range from - 25 °C to + 45 °C.

Data interfaces:

The data interfaces are suitable both for fully integrated solutions and for replacement solutions (as replacement for your lead-acid batteries).


Product safety certified by VDE

Our system has been certified by VDE. This is the reason why our trak | powerpack lion is one of the safest systems on the market.

VDE seal of approval INTILION

Battery Management System

Our Battery Management System (BMS) ensures smooth operation and delivers optimum protection for your investments.

Our BMS continuously monitors the current, voltage and temperature of your battery. As a result we have an overview of all the key parameters and can help to avoid service interruptions.

The BMS constantly protects your battery from any harmful deep discharge and always maintains it in an intrinsically safe state.

Our Battery Management System complies with the most up-to-date norms and standards in terms of functional safety (incl. IEC 61508 and EN 1175:2018).

During the charging process the BMS ensures that the vehicle is disconnected from the power supply for functional safety.
Automatic disconnect in critical situations is also guaranteed, while the battery can only be charged using designated chargers.

The BMS records all relevant parameters throughout the battery’s life, thereby making it possible to analyse potential faults and to predict the length of battery life. As a result we can make constant improvements and recommend optimised battery use.

Battery management system Traction battery INTILION
trak | powerpack lion Adapter trough for converting almost all industrial trucks
Adapter tray

Our trak | powerpack lion | adapter tray

Our innovative adapter tray makes it possible to convert almost any vehicle so that it can run on lithium-ion batteries.

Norms & Certificates

EN-1175-part-1 | EN-62061 | EN-61508-3 | EN-62619 | EN-62620 | UN38-3 | EN-62281 | EN-61000-4-2-2009 | EN-61000-4-3-2006-A1-2008-A2-2010 | EN-61000-4-4-2012 | EN-61000-4-6 | EN-61000-4-8 | EN-60204-1 | EN-ISO-19353 | IEC-2014-30-EU | 2011-65-EU | 2001-95-EG | 2006-42-EWG | 93-68-EEC | 2006-66-EC