trak | charger HF premium charger

trak | charger HF premium

Its compact design makes the powerful trak | charger HF premium suitable for wall-mounted or free-standing installation. Furthermore, the modular construction of our chargers means that they can be customised to your specific requirements in terms of performance and accessories.

Rapid and reliable top-up charging

Comfort Charging is our most recent innovation as regards intelligent battery charging. Comfort Charging minimises the necessary coupling processes, thereby saving you valuable time. The battery charge can be topped up any time with the aid of a separate charger plug that is easy to use. With this innovation we are offering the only product available on the market with a standard charger plug that meets all functional safety requirements. In addition, this concept that we have developed guarantees that your vehicle is reliably disconnected from the battery's energy supply during the charging process.

Compact and lightweight construction

Thanks to its rectilinear design and maximum power density, the trak | charger HF premium is space-saving and compact when installed. This makes it the ideal solution for achieving great savings in installation footprints when planning new builds. The new models are suitable both for wall- and rack-mounting. The two enclosure sizes cover a large proportion of the battery technologies, voltages and capacities available on the market.


Because of its modular construction, you can adapt the trak | charger HF premium directly to changed operational conditions, such as flexible charging and more stringent safety requirements, by means of redundancy. The configuration of the parallelled output stages is carried out automatically without additional software being required, and can be activated directly via the multi-colour touch screen.

trak | charger HF premium charger

Our trak | charger HF premium - an overview

Charge time configuration

Duration of charging for battery-charger combinations

Norms & Certificates

EN-55011 | EN-61000-6-2-2006-03 | EN-61000-6-3-2011-09 | EN-60721-3-3-1995-09 | EN-61000-3-2