Trend-setting traction batteries for OEM and replacement applications

Standardised and customised solutions for industrial traction applications.


Suitable for fork-lift trucks and industrial trucks of all kinds

Smooth operation is guaranteed with our modular trak | powerpack lion products, especially in warehouse and production logistics, but also in the food trade as well as in the automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

Warehouse and production logistics

Cleaning and clean-room applications

Food industry

Agriculture and the building industry

Special-purpose applications


Our modular system for almost any industrial truck

Our new modular generation of trak | powerpack lion energy systems comprises lithium-ion traction batteries, adapter components and chargers for a wide range of applications. These are also customised to suit your specific requirements. Our individually configurable tray system renders our drive systems extremely flexible and therefore rapidly deployable – and this even applies to vehicles, either new or used, for which the manufacturer has not envisaged an exchange facility. Consequently we can offer you the perfect system solution for your specific requirements.

trak | powerpack lion

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Traction batteries

trak | powerpack lion | Traction batteries 24 V - 80 V

Depending on your requirements, you have an extensive choice of lithium-ion traction batteries with integrated Battery Management System (BMS) and different interfaces.

Additional products

Charger for traction batteries

trak | charger HF premium | Chargers

Chargers that are a perfect match for our batteries to ensure the efficient and reliable charging of your lithium-ion batteries within one hour.

Adapter trough for traction batteries

trak | powerpack lion | Adapter tray

The retrofit option for almost all industrial trucks. The weight is designed to match the previous lead-acid battery.

HOPPECKE Cooperation service

Our service makes all the difference

We help you select the right battery for you and offer a 24/7 service


Demand-based finance

Choose the payment option that reflects your power demand and avoid high investment costs. This means that you can draw up an accurate budget to cover your costs.

Direct purchase

Contact us for a quote to suit your specific needs.


You pay a monthly lump sum. At the end of the term you can return the used battery to us or you can keep it by paying the residual value.


You pay a monthly rental that reflect your usage. At the end of the term you can return the used battery to us or you can keep it if you pay the residual value.


You purchase the battery and we buy it back from you when you no longer have a need for it. Dependent on wear and tear as well as useful life.

Did you know?

Integrate our INTILION scalebloc in your fleet of electrically powered industrial trucks to avoid high peak loads at charge times.


Why should you choose us?


We help you with sustainability

Since our batteries have five times the life of conventional lead-acid batteries, your reinvestment costs are reduced. They are much more power-efficient than lead-acid batteries, which reduces CO2 emissions and cuts your energy costs by up to 30 %. At the end of their life, we will dispose of the batteries properly and in accordance with legal requirements. In Germany 88 % of the battery is recycled during the disposal process.

We already comply with the safety standards of tomorrow. Our batteries are equipped with an innovative and intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) for the continuous monitoring of battery current, voltage and temperature. Furthermore, we guarantee that you can store our batteries for up to six months in any charge condition and without the need to top up. We ensure maximum product and operational reliability by installing components that are of the highest quality. In addition our traction batteries are exclusively developed and produced in Germany. We source all our lithium cells from renowned


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