Round Table with distribution grid operators

Round Table distribution grid operators 2

If distribution grid operators want to use energy storage, they are confronted with a rather intransparent regulatory situation. Therefore, we invited representatives of distribution grid operators from all over Germany to a round table on Wednesday.

Round Table distribution grid operators 3
Together with lawyer Dr. Fransiska Lietz, we looked at the current legislative situation for distribution system operators who want to use storage.

Demands on the Federal Network Agency

Together with Beatrice Schulz and Urban Windelen from the German Energy Storage Systems Association, as well as Patrick Wintzek from the University of Wuppertal and the lawyer Dr. Franziska Lietz, we evaluated where distribution grid operators can currently implement energy storage systems and what the legal conditions are. We then compared the complex regulatory situation and the needs of grid operators in terms of electricity storage. In a follow-up meeting next year, we now want to formulate concrete demands to the Federal Network Agency.