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Replacement power through battery storage in case of power failure

At the end of September, the first INTILION|scalebloc for implementing the supply of replacement power on the grid was successfully commissioned and handed over to the customer.

In the main application, the battery storage system optimises the internal consumption of a mountain house with two PV systems. However, since power outages occur in this region four to five times a month due to tree felling on the supplying overhead lines, a local three-phase backup power grid is set up by the storage system INTILION | scalebloc in the event of a power failure. This prevents power interruptions.

In this project, an additive control of the battery storage serves to constantly detect after a possible power failure. If this should occur, the customer’s grid is disconnected from the public grid and the INTILION | scalebloc subsequently sets up a three-phase backup power supply system. The switchover time from the detection of the mains failure, through disconnection and earthing, to the complete construction of the replacement power supply system is only 13 seconds. When the mains returns, the system automatically synchronises itself back to the public mains without interruption, switches to the main application and optimises the mountain house’s own consumption.

In addition to supplying the consumers with replacement electricity, the battery storage unit regulates the existing PV systems by means of Frequency Shift Power Control (FSPC). This prevents the system from being overloaded.

This project shows that a battery storage system will in future be an important component for rapid supply security during power failures.