INTILION | scalebloc at the Pader waste disposal company in Paderborn
Reference project

Pader Entsorgungs GmbH & Co.KG

Waste recycling and disposal company
District of Paderborn (A.V.E. own operation)

Initial situation and solution

Pader Entsorgungs GmbH & Co.KG​

Contact: Daniel Vermeulen
Industry: Waste recycling
Date/Commissioned: 07. August 2019
Site: Paderborn, Nordrhein-Westfalen

High load peaks and additional costs, due to service charges, result for the waste disposal company in Paderborn as a consequence of the high starting currents when the waste recyclers are switched on. To reduce the peak loads, PEG uses two INTILION | scaleblocs operated in combination. With the 1C version, the load peaks can be reduced by up to 120 kW and the PEG saves significantly on the performance price.

Even with possible machine expansions or new investments by the waste disposal company, further INTILION | scaleblocs can expand the system and thus ensure further savings.