NiBS outer view INTILION scalebloc
Reference project

Northern Industrial Battery Services Ltd (NiBS)

Northern Industrial Battery Services Ltd (NiBS) is the UK’s leading specialist standby power company.

Initial situation and solution

Photovoltaic system and EV charging infrastructure

Contact: Christopher Gilliard, Robert McGill
Industry: System Integrator
Date/Commissioned: 11 July 2019
Site: Llanymynech, Mid-Wales

The scalebloc at NiBS shows the successful combination of photovoltaic systems and EV charging infrastructure supported by a 30kW/60kWh battery storage.
Within the grid of the scalebloc’s two 11kW EV chargers and a PV system are installed.

The INTILION scalebloc automatically regulates the grid connection point to a minimum by feeding the available power (from the batteries or through the PV) into the chargers.

This innovative concept is forward-looking and the charging stations in the sparsely populated Mid-Wales a further step towards energy revolution.