CO2-free passenger & freight traffic even without overhead lines.

Wide variety of customised solutions for emergency power and traction applications in the rail sector.

Use cases

We offer you a wide range of application­possibilities

Spurs and secondary lines are often not electrified. Our rail traction solutions allow you to bridge sections of the track where there are no overhead lines or to open up spur lines. By using battery-based rail traction systems you can utilise the full performance of electrically powered trains even on these sections of the rail network. At stations that are only partially electrified, emission-free and low-noise shunting can even be carried out on secondary lines. Our batteries can also be used for tunnel rescue locomotives. Because of the environment in which these trains operate, they must be emission-free.

By using our innovative rail traction products, you will be reducing the amount you spend on costly fuels, such as diesel. Depending on the vehicle type, you can save several tens of thousand litres of diesel a year.

Railway vehicles with diesel engines account for approximately 1 % of traffic-related black-carbon emissions. Although only a relatively small number of these diesel trains are in use, and usually just for shorter distances, the advanced age of these locomotives and their long hours of operation mean that they are responsible for high levels of emissions in urban areas. This applies to railway stations, for instance, especially to low-level stations such as Stuttgart 21, and in locomotive sheds. By opting for an alternative power source, such as our rail traction batteries, you will be looking after the environment by reducing CO2 emissions – and saving money as well.

Diesel-powered passenger trains are responsible for massive noise pollution in an urban environment. Battery-powered trains significantly reduce the noise nuisance in cities and especially at railway stations. Diesel-powered railway vehicles, such as specialist and track-laying machines, OLE or tunnel maintenance vehicles, generate noise while they are working. By using our lithium-ion-based battery systems you can achieve an enormous reduction in the noise nuisance caused by the operation of these vehicles.

Together we can design your customised solution

We offer project-specific rail traction batteries for a wide range of applications:

Shunting locomotives

In shunting locomotives our batteries are used as diesel/electric hybrids and electric/electric hybrids

Specialist and track-laying machines

In specialist and track-laying machines our batteries are used for traction and auxiliary power

Passenger trains, Metros & Trams

In passenger trains, underground trains and trams our batteries are used for diesel/electric hybrids, solely battery-operated vehicles and fuel-cell hybrids

Our service makes the difference

We support you individually in choosing the right battery and offer you an all-round carefree service package including 24/7 support, annual maintenance and much more.