Low-noise bridging even of currentless lines

Customised solutions for auxiliary power and traction applications in the rail sector

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The use of diesel-powered passenger trains causes massive noise pollution in urban environments. Battery-powered trains can significantly reduce noise pollution in cities and especially in railway stations.

Diesel-powered rail vehicles, such as working and track construction machines, overhead line maintenance vehicles or tunnel maintenance vehicles (like rescue locomotives), also generate noise during their operation. By using our lithium-based battery systems, you can dramatically reduce noise pollution during the working hours of these vehicles.

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By using our innovative rail traction solutions, you can reduce your expenses for expensive fuels such as diesel. Depending on the vehicle, our systems can save you tens of thousands of liters of diesel per year.

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Branch lines are often not electrified. With our railway traction solutions, you can bridge lines with missing overhead lines or open up branch lines. By using battery-based railway traction systems, you can also use the full performance of electrically driven trains on these lines. At marshalling yards that are only partially electrified, our batteries enable shunting operation on secondary tracks without emissions and with low noise levels. Our batteries are also used in tunnel locomotives. It is important that these vehicles are operated emission-free due to the environment.

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Rail vehicles with diesel engines account for around 1% of traffic-related soot emissions. Although diesel locomotives are only used in relatively small numbers and at low mileage, the high age of the locomotives and their use over many hours lead to high emission levels in urban areas. This is the case, for example, in stations, especially underground stations such as Stuttgart21, and in factory buildings. By using alternative drive systems, such as our traction batteries, you protect the environment by reducing CO2 emissions and saving money at the same time.

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Together with you we plan your solution​

We offer you project-related railway traction batteries for a variety of applications:

Shunting locomotives

In shunting locomotives our batteries are used as diesel/electrohybrid and as electric/electrohybrid.

Working and tracklaying vehicles

Our batteries are used as operating power & working energy in work & track construction vehicles.

Passenger trains, metros & trams

In passenger trains, metros and trams our batteries are used as diesel/electrohybrid, pure battery­vehicles and fuel­cell hybrid.

We give you the energy you need.

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High energy and power density

Maximum performance guaranteed​

Our batteries have a high power and energy density, so you are always guaranteed maximum performance. Our lithium-ion-based systems are modular in design and are developed specifically for each vehicle. We also use proven design principles and modules from our modular system.

Large lithium batteries pose potential dangers for humans and the environment. Based on extensive risk analyses, we have developed a safe battery system. Here we have taken active measures such as the safe operation of the battery system by the battery management system, as well as passive safety measures such as the fireproof housing of the batteries. In addition, we have a filter system that binds the toxic substances that occur in the event of a battery system failure.

Our systems fully meet the normative requirements for a railway traction battery system. Compliance with the most important and safety-relevant norms and standards has been proven and certified by independent accredited laboratories.


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Everything fits

We offer you tailor-made solutions. Your satisfaction through our individual solutions is our top priority. Due to the modular structure of the systems, there are no limits to your requirements. Work with us to develop a solution that fits your needs.
Our lithium-ion-based batteries are low-maintenance. In addition to the annual safety check, only the air conditioning system, required for optimum operation of the battery system, requires annual maintenance.

Low maintenance

Focus on more important things

Data monitoring & cell supervision

You can keep track

We enable smart data monitoring and battery monitoring at the highest level. Develop a dashboard with us that fits your needs and always gives you an overview of the most important data. With our advanced tools, you always have an overview, even with the largest amounts of data.

If something should not work as intended, our technicians start with the error analysis by analysing the battery data in advance of a service call. Based on the battery data, we can advise you optimally on the use of the vehicles and enable you to achieve maximum energy savings and optimum operation of the battery system through an adapted operating regime.


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We are your perfect partner for the development and provision of customised lithium-ion energy storage solutions. This also includes the development of advanced business models for industrial applications in the context of energy storage.


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