Powerpack 48 V: Standardised 48 V lithium-ion battery for off-grid applications

The standardised and safe 48 V lithium-ion battery is specially developed for off-grid applications in the stationary sector and is available in four different sizes. It is also compatible with common 48 V converters.


Why you should choose our system

Reputable manufacturer

We only use quality cells from Samsung SDI with NMC technology

Easy installation

Plug & Play makes the system easy to install. Furthermore, no additional communication bus is necessary

High safety

The Powerpack 48 V is intrinsically safe and equipped with a specially developed battery management system. In critical situations the system switches off automatically.

Different sizes

For your individual needs, the Powerpack 48 V is available in four different sizes: 12, 16, 20 and 24 kWh.

Technical overview of the Powerpack 48 V

Powerpack 48 V


INTILION GmbH - Part of the HOPPECKE Group



Nominal DC-voltage:

48.1 V

Expected lifetime:

10 years

Number of cycles:

8000 cycles*

Type of system:

Lithium-ion battery in an IP54 cabinet


Scaleable on the AC-side


No communication bus needed

* 70 % DoD & 70 % EOL