Save money and increase your own photovoltaic consumption.

Prices for battery storage are falling – energy storage in agriculture is increasing. For farms with photovoltaic systems, there are ways to increase self-consumption while avoiding rising power prices. With the new back-up power function, your most important systems are also reliably protected.

Emergency power

Continuous safeguarding of the farm and care of your animals.

You incur high costs due to the constant supply of cooling systems or ventilation systems, especially in the evening hours. And especially if one of the systems fails unexpectedly. To prevent this, we would like to support you in optimising the self-consumption of your existing PV systems and additionally protect you with a continuous emergency power supply with our system.


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Operate agricultural units safely with battery storage and keep them connected to the grid

You can find out exactly how this works in our online seminars on self-consumption and emergency backup power in agriculture. Register here and learn valuable insights into the agriculture of tomorrow from our expert, Matthias Giller.

Advantages with battery storage

Be independent of rising electricity prices, save on expensive grid connection costs and avoid load peaks

Profitable PV-generated electricity

By storing renewable energy during the day, you are not left in the dark at night.

Safeguarding your farm

Replacement power supply through the continuous oxygen supply to the animals and protection of the cooling systems.

Independence from your electricity supplier

By using self-generated energy, you can avoid the rising electricity grid fees and consume your self-produced electricity more cheaply.

High security standards

The battery storage is suitable for all weather and environmental conditions. Stable dirt is not a problem. Fire, lightning and outdoor protection IP 54.

Modular add-ons

Depending on your needs, you can individually expand your energy grid connection capacity by installing and connecting additional energy storage.



The commercial storage INTILION | scalebloc

Your way to more freedom and security

Safety shows through many shades. INTILION offers you a complete system from a single source as the only provider on the market for energy storage solutions. Fire, lightning and property protection, as well as IT and failure safety. Above all, however, the possibility of using the storage unit for emergency power supply makes it extremely safe and gives you more freedom and independence.


Help shape the energy transition now and reduce CO2.

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