Save money by increasing your self-consumption

Electricity is a key cost factor in many businesses. Especially in today’s world. A photovoltaic system can convert sunlight into electricity using solar cells, thus reducing electricity costs. However, this does not work in low-sun hours, when the sun is not yet at its full strength. So during those hours, you are still dependent on the power grid and the associated costs. Battery stor-age can provide a remedy here.

Battery storage systems – the low-cost way to optimize self-consumption

One of the benefits of battery storage systems is that they can be used to optimize a business’ self-consumption of energy. The storage setup diverts the surplus electricity from the renewable energy system and stores it for use at another time. The following chart shows the energy consumption of an exemplary company:
The graph displays energy consumption over the course of the day in black and energy generated by a photovoltaic system over the course of the day in orange. In the area marked in grey, more energy is being generated by the solar power system than the company is consuming. During this period, surplus energy can be stored in the battery. In the area marked in orange, the photo-voltaic system is not producing enough energy to cover the companies consumption, but the stored energy can be utilized to make up for the shortfall. This increases the amount of low-cost energy generated directly by the company and lowers its reliance on more expensive energy from the grid, reducing overall energy costs considerably.