Two INTILION | scaleblocs for optimising self-consumption at a furniture supplier in Lippstadt

The Lippstadt-based furniture supplier Pöttker, known for the production of table and functional furniture, has connected two of the first commercially used energy storage systems in Lippstadt with the help of Elektro Ostkamp and INTILION. The company aims to use more green electricity from its own photovoltaic systems with INTILION | scalebloc at its premises in the industrial area on “Mondschein”.

From left to right: Tom Glauner (Elektro OSTKAMP GmbH & Co. oHG), Niklas Munk (Elektro OSTKAMP GmbH & Co. oHG) and Louis Fuchs (INTILION AG)

By installing two 73 kWh storage units, the company can significantly improve its self-consumption optimisation and thus reduce costs. Additionally, INTILION | scalebloc help in reducing peak loads.

With the company’s own photovoltaic system on the roofs of Pöttker, excess electricity can be efficiently stored and used as needed.

INTILION | scalebloc commercial storage system for optimising self-consumption and reducing peak loads at Pöttker GmbH