Digital Launch event of our new indoor battery storage system

09 June 2021 | 11:00 a.m.

We reveal the mystery

A new indoor battery storage system from INTILION based on the slogan “Safe, scalable & economical” is already waiting for takeoff. The system combines the strengths and accumulated experience from the commercial and large-scale battery storage sector. 

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On 9th June 2021, we will be presenting our new indoor battery storage system live from the conference room of SC Paderborn.

With the slogan “Safe. Scalable. Economical.” the INTILION | scalestac is the perfect symbiosis between INTILION’s typical product safety, as already known from the INTILION | scalebloc and INTILION | scalecube, flexible scalability and significantly improved cost-effectiveness.

The market-proven concept is derived from the large-scale storage segment and ensures maximum flexibility and scalability. In combination with the use of lithium iron phosphate cells and the INTILION battery management system, the INTILION | scalestac sets new standards in terms of safety and scalability. 

Power levels from 25 kVA up to 400 kVA and capacity levels from 154 kWh up to 1 MWh offer the maximum freedom to serve all applications currently in demand (e.g. backup power, peak shaving, self-consumption optimisation, electric mobility, etc.).

Improved cost-effectiveness is often bought at the cost of reduced performance. INTILION has decided not to take this option. In conjunction with the international development teams of the HOPPECKE group and the physical (test) laboratories in Zwickau and Shanghai, we have succeeded in integrating the right modules into a precisely coordinated system architecture, thus achieving a customer-friendly product price.

Be part of it live on 9th June 2021.

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