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Innovative and sustainable medium to large capacity energy storage solutions – for reliable and clean energy for business, industry, and grid infrastructure.

Sustainable, flexible, and secure

Energy for every application – behind the meter and in front of the meter.

Peak shaving to avoid high peak loads

Commercial and industrial companies often have high peak loads in their energy consumption. An energy storage system can help shave those peaks.

Optimizing self-consumption of renewable energies

Optimize energy consumption by storing surplus self-generated power for use when needed.

Grid-forming operation for independent power supply

Ensure an independent power supply and prevent blackout by building an island grid with the help of an energy storage system.

Atypical grid use to relieve the grid during periods of high load

The energy storage system charges up in times of low grid loads and provides power at peak times to relieve the grid load and ensure custom grid fees.

Expansion of grid connection to support electromobility

The grid is not designed to cope with the increasing number of electric vehicles charging points. Energy storage systems in-crease the available output and optimize the charging infrastructure.

Intensive grid use for optimized and individual grid fees

An annual consumption of at least 10 GWh and 7,000 h qualifies you for individual and optimized grid fees. Energy storage systems can help.


High-powered projects all over Europe

Find out where our products and solutions are already in use, and discover the wide range of possible applications.
Emergency power

Research Project INZELL

Reference Project A 2.5 MW battery storage system from INTILION will enable the industrial cell at the Max Bögl company to be island-capable, which has

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Scalability, flexibility, and connectivity

More than energy storage: From consulting on your individual storage project to full-service packages, we offer the best possible availability of our systems over their entire service life.


Commercial storage system with medium storage capacities of approx. 70 kWh to 1,170 kWh


Scalable electricity storage system with storage capacities of approx. 150 kWh to 1,200 kWh


Designed especially for large and individual storage capacities of approx. 1 MWh to 100 MWh


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There is no energy transition without energy storages

NRW’s Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection Mona Neubaur visits Paderborn-based energy storage provider INTILION The fact that a successful energy transition is only possible with energy storages has been made clear by the Paderborn-based provider INTILION during a

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Round Table distribution grid operators 2

Round Table with distribution grid operators

If distribution grid operators want to use energy storage, they are confronted with a rather intransparent regulatory situation. Therefore, we invited representatives of distribution grid operators from all over Germany to a round table on Wednesday. Demands on the Federal

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