Grid-forming operation

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    Unfailing power supply with grid-forming operation

    Failed machinery in manufacturing industries or interrupted ventilation in agricultural facilities – even short power outages can lead to significant economic losses in commercial, industrial, or agricultural sectors. An analysis conducted by the four transmission network operators in Germany on behalf of the Federal Network Agency has shown that regional shutdowns, known as brownouts, are increasingly possible due to the growing volatility of power generation.

    Do you want to ensure a reliable power supply in the event of a grid failure? Traditionally, Diesel generators are used for this purpose. However, they require regular maintenance, create noise, and increase carbon dioxide emissions. We offer a sustainable and low-maintenance solution: Our energy storage systems are capable of gridforming operation. This means that in the event of a grid failure, our energy storage systems establish the grid, provide power, and set voltage and frequency of the isolated grid. Therefore, solar panels, for example, can continue to operate after a power outage, enabling them to not only optimize self-consumption but also charge the storage system. 


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    Key features of the INTILION backup power system

    Ability to be combined with various power generators and loads

    Smooth continuation of system operation and minimal economic loss

    Provision of power through the establishment of an independent isolated grid

    Availability for battery storage system sizes ranging from 70 kWh to 100 MWh

    Seamless integration of self-consumption optimization or peak load management in grid-parallel operation