Making EV Charging available and avoiding grid overloads due to high energy requirements.

EV charging and e-mobility are part of an ecological and sustainable future. The parking lots of hotels, supermarkets and car parks are more and more filled with electric vehicles. Company vehicle fleets are also increasingly relying on electric mobility. Now it is up to you to provide the essential EV charging equipment and to build up an EV charging station infrastructure. But the necessary network expansion is time and cost intensive.

Charging infrastructure for e-mobility

How you can supply your electric vehicle fleet with energy quickly and efficiently without the need for expensive network expansion.

Due to the ever more powerful batteries of electric vehicles, ever greater amounts of energy are required. But the higher the performance of the battery, the higher your load peaks will be and the better your load management should be. Now you need to create efficient EV charging stations for electric vehicles and supply them reliably with electricity.

With the help of energy storage systems such as the INTILION | scalebloc, the available energy is temporarily stored in order to supply it with the necessary power during the rapid charging process – this ensures grid-friendly and parallel EV Charging of several electric vehicles.

In this way, you save both the costs of a conventional grid extension and lots of time.

Advantages of energy storage systems

Save money and time with energy storage systems

The intelligent energy management system of the energy storage system integrates itself optimally into your infrastructure and enables the integration of renewable energies.

No digging and permissions needed.

By installing an energy storage unit, a transformer expansion can be avoided. This is associated with time and cost-intensive work and permits.

Quick and easy setup.

Without complex project planning and within half a day, your energy storage is set up at any location and ready for immediate use.

Modular extensions possible.

Depending on your needs, you can individually expand your energy grid connection capacity by installing and connecting additional energy storage.

Receive state subsidies

Some European governments support the expansion of the EV Charging infrastructure with subsidies for charging points and energy storage facilities due to the Climate Change Act.

No more operating costs.

By using self-produced energy and avoiding load peaks, there are no high costs for additional electricity prices.

Enjoy high security measures

Our battery storage units are suitable for all weather conditions and are secured with a fire protection housing according to VDE-AR 2510-50.

INTILION EV Charging Park

Your way to an fast and carefree e-mobility

In the context of the energy turnaround, generated energy is becoming more and more fluctuating and the cost of providing necessary services is rising. For this reason, simple grid expansion is not automatically the best option. By adding a battery storage system, the required power can be provided on demand.

EV Charging carefree package

Discover your entirely carefree package.

The INTILION | EV Charging Park is the entirely carefree solution for your expansion of the charging infrastructure. It consists of an energy storage, power house and EV Charging points. The energy storage provides the necessary power for the duration of the charging process and recharges itself independently when not in use. That’s why it is always ready for use, even for high-performance batteries in electric vehicles. The slim AC charging stations and wall–boxes are used to charge the electronic vehicles. The two components are connected by the power house including an load management system, which is the main focus contact point for all consumers and producers.

Commercial Storage

The complete carefree battery storage system

EV Charging station

The fitting charging solution for every use

Power house

The contact point for all energy producers

INTILION EV Charging park
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