Open up to electromobility while avoiding grid overloads.

Electromobility will be part of our eco-friendly future. The parking areas of hotels, supermarkets and car parks are increasingly filling up with electric cars. Businesses with extensive fleets are also increasingly turning to electromobility. As it stands now, it is up to them to provide the necessary charging points and set up the corresponding infrastructure. But creating the network expansion and grid to match can be costly and time-consuming.
Charging infrastructure for e-mobility

How can you provide your fleet with energy quickly and efficiently, without the cost and effort of network expansion?

Electric vehicle batteries are growing more and more powerful. As a result, they need more and more energy in less time. Now is the time to set up high-performance charging stations for electric cars and supply them with energy. But the higher an electric vehicle’s charging performance, the higher the peak loads on the grid. So is there really any way to avoid expanding grid infra-structure the traditional way? Battery storage systems such as the INTILION | scalebloc make it possible to temporarily store the existing energy. That way, it can be used in fast charging stations and is available with the necessary power – for multiple electric cars at once, without overloading the grid. Our system’s customizable scaling and design options give you maximum flexibility to adapt to the storage capacity depending on the number and output of the charging stations. You save money and time compared to conventional network expansion, plus your chances of avoiding peak loads are better than ever.
Benefits of battery storage

Save time and money with battery storage

The intelligent energy management system associated with the battery storage concept can be optimally integrated into your infrastructure, allowing you to use renewable energy.

No digging or permits needed

Using a battery storage system lets you avoid an expensive and time-consuming transformer expansion, as well as the need for permits.

Fast and easy expansion

Your battery storage system can be set up wherever you want, without complicated prior planning.

Modular expansion possible

You can increase the amount of energy you draw from the grid at any time by connecting multiple battery storage systems in parallel, without conventional network expansion.

Receive government subsidies

Many European governments offers financing for charging stations and battery storage systems to support the expansion of charging infrastructure nationwide, offering you additional savings.

Lower energy costs and fees

By using self-generated energy or avoiding peak loads, you can benefit from lower energy prices and fees.

Put safety first

Our battery storage systems are designed for use in all weather conditions. They can also be equipped with a VDE-AR E 2510-50-tested fire-resistant casing for added safety.