Energy Storage

Sustainable energy available everywhere and at any time

Innovative energy storage systems of medium to large capacity for various applications.

Application areas

We offer you a variety of application areas


Solar energy is not always constantly available. This means that no energy is generated at night with a photovoltaic system and far too much energy is generated on sunny days. However, these amounts of energy do not coincide with the individual energy consumption. With our storage solutions, the excess energy is fed in and then released when it is needed. In this way, less sunny times are bridged. Furthermore, the share of own energy consumption is increased, as more own energy can be used.

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› E-MOBILITY | Behind-the-meter

A critical factor of e-mobility is the energy supply for charging infrastructures. Because of historically grown energy grids, the required charging capacity is not available at every location. With our energy storage systems you are able to store the required energy and deliver it when needed. This enables us to provide charging infrastructures even at previously unsuitable locations.

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› PEAK SHAVING | Behind-the-meter

Avoid high-peak demand curves with our energy storage systems. Our systems switch on automatically at high load times, thereby reducing your energy costs. Low acquisition and total cost of ownership also result in a short payback period.

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› GRID SERVICES | Front-of-the-meter

The aim of our network services is the energy supply and optimisation of grid-connected infrastructures. 

Our energy solutions are used to buffer storages for weather- and time-of-day-dependent power generators such as solar farms or wind farms. In this way, the stored energy can be released exactly on demand.

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Our systems ensure a reliable power supply even in the absence of mains electricity. There is a whole raft of applications: we supply, for instance, energy to camp sites, lodges, hospitals or remote hamlets.

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As individual as your application

With the scalebloc and scalecube product lines, INTILION GmbH offers two innovative, lithium-ion-based high-performance energy storage solutions to ensure the intermediate storage of large amounts of energy as well as the delivery of extremely high outputs. Every system is modular and scalable, so we design it to meet your specific individual requirements.

We offer you a reliable energy supply.

INtilion scalebloc

scalebloc: Our solution for medium storage capacities from 60 kWh to 500 kWh

The scalebloc impresses with its holistic system approach consisting of inverter, energy management system and air-conditioned housing. The 68.5 kWh lithium-ion battery system forms the basis of the storage solution. The battery modules are protected against fire and explosion and a chain reaction is prevented by enclosing them in special 19″ fire protection racks. By means of one or two integrated 30 kVA bidirectional inverters, a stable three-phase 400 V mains can always be provided.

All components are optimally operated via a specially developed energy management system, controlled for the respective application and made available in the cloud. Complete integration into an outdoor cabinet specially designed for the scalebloc rounds off the system solution.

Modular & individual

Standardised and expandable battery storage system with individual foils

Plug & Play

Can be installed directly via Plug & Play according to network connection guidelines. All-in-one, AC-coupled solution

Integrated air conditioner & weather resistant

Outdoor housing for any location. An inverter ensures self-sufficiency everywhere

Intelligent energy management system

All electrical consumers can be measured and individually controlled by the integrated energy management system.
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Protection against water & dust penetration

The outdoor housing based on IP55 protection class protects against water and dust penetration

Fire protection

Each battery module is fitted with a fire protection housing in accordance with VDE-AR 2510-50

Overvoltage protection

Internal and external protection against overvoltage and lightning strikes for even greater safety

Battery cell protection

The intelligent air conditioning concept ensures maximum battery cell life.

Technical Data

Our scalebloc in numbers


68,5 kWh


30 kW / 60 kW

Dimensions (H x L x D):

2.030 mm x 1.618 mm x 1.026 mm


~ 950 kg

Performance guarantee:

10 years / 4000 full cycles

Further technical data can be found in our data sheet.
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Possible ways of using our scalebloc


Optimisation of own consumption from existing PV systems & emergency power supply for farming operations

Companies & Car park operator

Creation of an infrastructure for the increasing use of e-mobility in multi-storey car parks or rural regions

Industrial companies

Cost reduction through avoiding high peak loads in industrial companies

You have another application? Please feel free to contact us. We will develop your optimal solution together with you.

INtilion scalecube

scalecube: Specially designed for large storage capacities over 500 kWh

The scalecube is a high-performance large storage system for a secure energy supply and the possibility to store large amounts of energy. Because of its modular design, it can be used in a variety of applications and is in many cases the best possible combination of performance and cost. Together with you, we plan your individual scalecube.

Modular & individually designed

Modular design for different capacities, voltage levels, energy contents and power ratings

Innovative rack system

A maximum of stored power can also be achieved on particularly small areas.

Complete solutions

Complete solutions, including transformer station, foundations, building permits and commissioning

Intelligent energy management system

Control, visualisation and integration by advanced software


  • Isolated 10-, 20- or 40-foot container according to IEC 62485
  • Customer-specific project planning of the memory solution
  • Capacities from 100 kW to several megawatts can be displayed
  • Energy contents from 100 kWh to several megawatt hours can be projected
  • Maximum space utilisation: Up to 3 MWh energy content in a 40-foot container
  • Highest efficiency through intelligent energy management system, air-conditioning concept and state-of-the-art converter
  • Easy maintenance


Possible ways of using our scalecube

Village community

Optimisation of own consumption from existing PV systems & emergency power supply for agricultural operations

Energy providers

Electrification of off-grid villages through the installation of PV systems and energy storage systems

You have another application? Please feel free to contact us. We will develop your optimal solution together with you.

INTILION Dashboard

Energy management system

Our intelligent energy management system with cloud connection is used for continuous monitoring of all installed systems. So you always have an overview of the status of your systems.

You also receive remote diagnostics and preventive maintenance measures through service access.

We give you the energy you need.

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Why should you choose us?​

Modular & Scaleable

Solutions as individual as you are​

Our modular design can be configured for all applications. By using a rack system with innovative containment, we have created an advanced standard. This allows us to provide you with turnkey products. If you don’t like the colour, we can offer you a wide range of design options as an extra. Our designs are as individual as you are.
Our products meet all the relevant standards and are therefore highly reliable. This is due not least to our innovative, cell-level Smart Battery Monitoring System and our comprehensive fire protection concept. Your safety matters to us.


Feel safe with us

Problem-Solution-Expertise & 360° Service

Solutions that are tailored to your requirements​​

We understand your individual requirements so that we can meet them all. We offer you the best solution – in terms of economic efficiency as well as technology. With our customised, accurate operator models and after sales service you can continue to focus on your core business. Our goal is your success.

In order to supplement your existing infrastructure, we have already thought about the necessary interfaces. In this way, we guarantee you maximum compatibility.


Everything fits


You can rely on us

We only supply premium products that meet the highest quality standards. We install our components in high-quality containers that can withstand all weather conditions and other stresses.

Not yet familiar with Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things? They are already commonplace for us. Our systems have interfaces for continuous over-the-air performance and condition monitoring. This means that you will always be one step ahead of the competition when it comes to performance monitoring. We customise the way we present our data to suit your requirements, because we believe it is important that you can always keep track.

Networking & Monitoring

So you can keep track

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We are your perfect partner for the development and provision of customised lithium-ion energy storage solutions. This also includes the development of advanced business models for industrial applications in the context of energy storage.


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