H2O Project
Customer reference report

H2O-project for energy storage in the real estate sector

The Belgian company D’leteren Immo is launching the H2O project in collaboration with various experts in energy storage.

This H2O project for the storage of self-generated electricity is a strategic first for the real estate industry, which is associated with a strong ecological image. The Erps-Kwerps site has already been producing its own green energy for several years. D’leteren Immo would like to take this a step further and is therefore working with various experts on an energy management system to supply the entire Kortenberg site with energy through an intelligent link between powerful and safe energy batteries and the existing facilities. The aim is to store the surplus energy produced by the company itself, in order to adapt it to the strongly fluctuating electricity demand.

INTILION is part of this H20 project and offers D’leteren Immo the highest level of safety standards with the INTILION I scalecube for energy storage with an integrated innovative cooling system. The energy management system was developed by AAtechnics. This means that the self-produced energy is stored in a battery container that is protected by a belt, taking into account various variables such as the outside temperature, natural gas and electricity prices and consumer profiles of the site. Furthermore, the intelligently developed energy storage system adapts itself to changes in the location.

This H2O project is another very significant step towards energy system transformation and is intended to serve as an example to the real estate industry that with intelligent energy storage even a sector with an ecological footprint can do the right thing for energy transformation.