Energy storage provider INTILION taps into the market in Switzerland

  • INTILION | scalecube large-scale storage units with 3.0 MWh commissioned for the customer of the Swiss energy producer Axpo in Frauenfeld.
  • Use cases: primary load balancing, peak shaving, and grid congestion management.
  • Growing market for energy storage systems in Switzerland.

Paderborn, 26 October 2023. The energy storage provider INTILION and Axpo, one of the largest producer of renewable energy in Switzerland, have successfully completed the first joint project. In Frauenfeld in the canton of Thurgau, the INTILION | scalecube large-scale storage unit with a total capacity of around 3.0 MWh was commissioned for the municipal utility Thurplus. The battery storage system is installed in a twelve-meter container.

Dr. André Haubrock, CEO of INTILION AG says: „The growing market in Switzerland is extremely important for our company’s development. We have set ourselves the goal of taking a leading position for energy storage in the DACH region. With Axpo as main contractor, we have now successfully entered the Swiss market. Numerous other projects are already in the tendering process. We are therefore optimistic that our well-established project constellation will be followed by further orders in the future, also with larger capacities.“

“Our large battery storage makes an important contribution to the energy transition, and to the energy supply security of the city of Frauenfeld. With a growing number of decentralized power generation plants, as well as new consumers such as e-mobility and heat pumps, forecasting and grid management are becoming increasingly demanding. Battery storage systems can compensate for fluctuations in demand and power peaks in the distribution grid,” explains Peter Wieland, Managing Director of Thurplus.

Axpo maintains its own grid infrastructure in Switzerland. Its grids supply the whole of north-eastern Switzerland, the Principality of Lichtenstein and other parts of Switzerland – a total of over 3 million consumers. With its expertise from operating its own plants, it designs optimal overall solutions as an energy service provider, including energy storage solutions. “Battery storage is a key element in the implementation of the Swiss energy strategy. They can be used flexibly to cap peak loads and stabilise the electricity grid,” says Michael Sack, Axpo Sales Manager.

The large-scale storage system is an important building block for the growing decentralised power feed-in and a stable power grid in Frauenfeld. With the expansion of renewable energies, more solar plants are feeding electricity into the power grid irregularly. This poses new challenges for the control of the power grid. The INTILION | scalecube is therefore used for three application areas: primary and secondary load balancing and peak shaving. Depending on the grid frequency and power input or output, the large-scale storage unit is charged or releases energy to the grid in order to optimize the stability of the grid.

INTILION will provide Thurplus with ongoing support as part of its fulfillment and service activities. With the cloud-based data management, INTILION identifies the functionality of the large-scale storage facility and each individual module at any time. Preventive maintenance measures are carried out on this basis. In addition, a hotline is available. INTILION thus offers a sophis-ticated combination of services, specific software and intelligent energy storage solutions.

About INTILION Aktiengesellschaft

INTILION AG is a leading provider of innovative, highly scalable and integrable energy storage solutions (ESS) with a comprehensive range of services, primarily for use in system-relevant and critical infrastructures such as commercial, industrial and grid applications. The storage capacities of the company’s intelligent lithium-ion-based ESS products range from 70 kWh to 100 MWh. INTILION’s portfolio of solutions and services is leading the way to a decarbonised, flexible and digital energy sector, enabling the transition towards climate-neutral, renewable and clean energy use. The company’s customers include local, regional and international utilities and energy distributors, as well as system distributors and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractors within Europe. INTILION AG is headquartered in Paderborn, Germany, and belongs to the family-owned HOPPECKE Group, with a heritage of more than 95 years of expertise and engineering excellence in batteries.


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