Huabahof in the Alpine foothills
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Energy independence in agriculture

In the Bavarian foothills of the Alps, Mr Demmel’s Huabahof farm is taking another step towards sustainable farming with two INTILION | scaleblocs.

Project description

In the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, Mr Demmel’s Huabahof is taking a further step towards sustainable agriculture with two INTILION | scaleblocs. The goal is energy independence through self-generated PV electricity in order to achieve a high degree of self-sufficiency. For this reason, a specially developed energy management system is in use.

Scaleblocs and electric vehicles, which among other things act as energy storage units, play an important role. In addition to an electric vehicle fleet equipped with a bidirectional charging system, the two INTILION | scaleblocs 0.5C serve as one of the most important carriers of the EMS. The commercial storage units, each with 30 kW, have a net capacity of 60 kWh. If high load peaks occur, the INTILION | scaleblocs on the farm are a great advantage to reduce them.

At night, the scaleblocs can supply the ventilation system with regenerative electricity. By storing and maximising the use of solar gains from the PV systems, it can be assumed that the Huabahof is self-sufficient from spring to autumn.

The project was implemented with our partner memodo.

By using a secure battery storage system, not only can the expansion of the grid infrastructure be avoided, but also rising electricity costs. Therefore, the Huabahof is an ideal proof that the intelligent networking of energy storage systems is the chance for energy independence in agriculture.


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