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Our location in Zwickau

Dr.-Sinsteden-Strasse 8 |D-08056 Zwickau

Zwickau is at the heart of INTILION’s value creation.
Originally established in 2008 as HOPPECKE Advanced Battery Technology GmbH, this company focuses on the triad of research, development and manufacture.
The construction of a modern research and development centre was completed in 2011. This is where innovative technologies and services relating to energy storage are now developed so that we can always offer you the best and most advanced battery systems.

In terms of manufacture, INTILION concentrates on advanced lithium-ion batteries as well as the assembly of complex energy storage systems. These are used in the three product areas of stationary, traction and rail applications. The development and production of charging technologies as well as of electronic monitoring and control systems are based at the Zwickau plant. These products are key components for optimising energy demand and system availability. In Zwickau INTILION GmbH currently has around 90 skilled employees and executives working in product development, laboratories, design, production, quality, purchasing, logistics and administration.


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