Exterior view of INTILION GmbH Paderborn site

Our location in Paderborn

Wollmarktstrasse 115c | 33098 Paderborn

The Paderborn site was established in the middle of 2018. This is where we focus on the product sector of stationary storage systems that are part of the energy revolution. Designated teams responsible for sales, engineering and development look after this area. In addition some key strategic sections have been centralised here. Lithium Sourcing, for instance, selects global suppliers and develops long-term, strategic partnerships with those suppliers to meet our demand for lithium-ion cells. The Digital Innovation Unit is also located at this site. Digital Innovation works with new methods and is primarily concerned with developing digital issues, such as setting up digital sales channels, investigating business models and looking at data analyses.

In early 2019 we moved our CoWorkingSpace to its new MakerSpace home. CoWorkingSpace offers focus and hot-desk workstations, meeting rooms and a large function area. This area is designed both for focused working and for regular communication with cooperation partners and start-ups. In MakerSpace we concentrate on developing new products as well as prototyping and testing.
35 employees are currently based at this site. We practise open, transparent and focused collaboration within a modern environment that is totally in keeping with the New Work philosophy.


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